About General School Donations

Reach Academy is a Christian School nestled in Plano, dedicated to providing a holistic education from Pre-K through Sixth grade. Our commitment to academic excellence is matched by our dedication to nurturing spiritual growth in our students.

By donating to Reach Academy, you're not only investing in the education of the next generation, but you're also contributing to the spiritual and moral foundation that will shape their lives. Your generous support enables us to offer personalized education that fosters intellectual curiosity, compassion, and a strong connection with faith.

Plano is blessed with a diverse array of educational options, but there are few opportunities for children to receive an education rooted in Christian values. Your contribution will help bridge this gap, ensuring that students have access to an environment that not only challenges their minds but also strengthens their relationship with God.

We believe that the legacy we leave for the next generation is of paramount importance. With your support, we can leave a mark that transcends time, guiding future generations toward a life filled with faith, purpose, and knowledge.

Every dollar counts and brings us one step closer to empowering the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for responding to our appeal, and for being a beacon of hope in our mission. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to the positive impact we will create together.